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Leadership and Management


The role of management in organizations and in society at large carries great weight, meaning, and distinction. Following recent changes in the economic and social fields, however, and because of a deep and wide-ranging recession, management roles have effectively come under fire from various corners. In stigmatizing the behaviour of a handful of top executives, which was ethically questionable and often legally punishable, many have overlooked the importance and the impact of the decisions made on a daily basis by many company managers, at various levels of responsibility, in Italy and worldwide. Such decisions, made far from the media spotlights, enable their organizations to grow, establish themselves and prosper. Starting from these premises and fully convinced of the central role played by company managers in the healthy growth of an economy, one of the key objectives of this practice and of ISTUD as a whole is to play a role in strengthening the country’s management cadre and elevating its profile. Our full commitment and greatest efforts are devoted to engineering a new management model and establishing a leadership paradigm that can foresee and handle the uncertainty and complexity of our times.


The subjects of our Leadership and Management practice follow three main avenues:

  • The manager’s social role (What is a manager today; What is expected of a manager by companies, society and managers themselves; What role can/must managers play to advance the establishment of new models of economic development)
  • Decision-making premises (Values, ethics, culture, rules. We seek to scrutinize, understand and expound what makes decision-making and managerial behaviour a noble art, far removed from a mere utilitarian vision limited to the transfer of techniques and tools)
  • Competencies (Effective decision-making and management require three sets of competencies: Analytical competencies, Evaluation competencies, Performance competencies)

Based on this conceptual framework, we have engineered the current training syllabus of our Leadership and Management practice, with the clear objective of doing our part in restoring the dignity and vigour of management in this country.




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