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Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of industry specificities, our practice dedicated to Health and Healthcare conceives, designs and implements activities of organizational research and training for the development of individual professionals, whole teams or even their entire organizations. All this is aimed at advancing a healthcare system fully capable of responding to the patients’ real needs and to their frame of reference. The ultimate goal is to achieve a workable balance between effective therapies and the efficiency of healthcare structures. 


This practice offers the healthcare sector its multidisciplinary competencies of training, organizational research and consulting with the following specific factors in mind:


  • The need to reconcile specialist cultures with the culture of management
  • The need to humanize care
  • The regionalization of the healthcare system and the localization of decision-making policies
  • The expectations of patients and patient associations
  • The coexistence of privately-owned service companies and public structures
  • Health as the expression of a good quality of life for patients, their families and healthcare operators alike.



The activities of this practice are addressed in terms of “health offering” at all players in the value chain, from the healthcare system to the individual patients and their world of reference.

The recipients of our services include:

  • public bodies: regional, national and European;
  • local health organizations and hospitals, scientific research and care institutions and university hospitals;
  • production companies in the healthcare sector as well as pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnological manufacturers;
  • scientific, academic and professional societies;
  • associations of patients, of disabled persons and volunteer workers;
  • manufacturers associations.

At individual level, the research and training activities of our practice are addressed at the following groups:
  • professionals working for public and private healthcare organizations: chief executives, managers, coordinators and high-potential resources;
  • professionals in health-related policymaking bodies;
  • administration professionals;
  • executives and high-potential individuals in pharmaceutical, biomedical and service companies.


Custom-tailored projects: individual and organizational development

Our Health and Healthcare practice is equipped to undertake customized training and research projects on the basis of the client’s specific requirements. Our work ethic is based on the establishment of mutual trust with a view to reaching a common goal (meta-objective) that transcends a mere billing logic. In particular, our custom projects can focus either on individual development or on a broader across-the-organization development:


Individual development is a profession-specific training system featuring workshops, seminars and conferences that individual healthcare professionals can tailor to their specific needs.


Organizational development is a training system that works cross-functionally by involving different professional careers in a series of workshops, seminars, research activities, video-interviews and other projects.


In addition to its training and research activities, Fondazione ISTUD offers healthcare organizations its unique expertise in engineering and implementing focused consulting projects. Their purpose is to address organizational issues, to develop and introduce new management systems, to launch surveys and investigations, and to build and support work and project groups.
A research or training project is all the more effective and professional when it adopts a consultancy approach by thoroughly researching the client’s operational context. This is instrumental to a successful outcome of the project and to the management of change.





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