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Business Innovation


Marketing and Innovation are vital functions in any business. Their purpose over time is to create value in a sustainable manner for all stakeholders in the economic process and to ensure that the relationship between seller and buyer is based on positive attitudes, openness and trust. Our Business Innovation Practice constantly develops new concepts and tools for marketing, content innovation and business processes as well as brand and product design. We pursue our goals through on-going study and application and by working jointly with our clients on research projects. We have also established a “green economy” monitoring unit as a platform for generating ideas on "Innovations for a Sustainable Economy" and conducted research studies into corporate social integration. We do not stop at classroom training sessions alone but also offer cooperation and joint market activities, thus bringing our clients’ own resources to bear on specific projects.


Our Business Innovation Practice deals with the following main areas:

  • Marketing: this is the kind of marketing activity that conveys values and meanings and underpins an emotive relationship of trust and openness between brand and end user. We see the brand as the fulcrum of corporate recognisability , consistency and continuity
  • Innovation: our notion of innovation envisages the creation of value as an integral part of the management process and a collective commitment which is not confined to the functions of marketing and R&D and does not apply to products alone
  • Design: in order to be fully understood and chosen, the company’s offering needs consistency. Design harmonizes the relationship between product and user and facilitates the creation of new meanings
  • Business Models: they must generate value for all players in the economic process, achieve a sustainable balance among supply, price, cost management and operational decisions, and act as a sort of commercial due diligence
  • Sustainability: it is a company’s social and environmental integration perceived and communicated as a competitive advantage.

Business Innovation Practice has just launched its brand new blog The aim is to compare ideas on issues like innovation, customer relations and their needs, customer value propositions, product innovation according to customer needs. Things change quickly in all business areas, the way of marketing changes as well and we need to create new economic and social value for our business.



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