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NEXT in Line

The new leadership program for Next Generation Leaders


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For information: Gregorio Di Leo


ISTUD Business School, LinKS and The Wharton School introduce a new leadership program for next generation leaders: NEXT in Line. The program is designed in close collaboration with a selection of Italian, Scandinavian, & global corporates.
The program focuses on the successful manager who has consistently proven through 2-3 management positions that he or she has the potential to attain the top executive level within 5-10 years and approach to global challenges.
The program challenges the ’next in line’ manager on ’Authentic Leadership’ and works with a company specific project of strategic importance at a global scale.

The Modules:

Module 1 Authenticity: The Original Angle of Leadership (Denmark, Esrum Abbey, LinKS) - 25-27 September 2013

  • Why Authenticity?
  • Visions of the Authentic Leader
  • Meaning of Authenticity
  • CASES: Authenticity in action

Module 2 Listen Louder - New Strategic Mindsets (USA, Wharton Business School) - 10-15 November 2013
  • Global Business
  • Strategic Framework
  • Scenario planning
  • Orchestrating the Future
  • Global Leadership
  • Forward Perspectives

Module 3 Leading Up - Succeeding Strategy Projects (Italy, ISTUD, Baveno) 1-3 April 2014.
  • Designing successful strategies
  • Managing and governing project role-out plan
  • Communicating ’USPs’ upwards
  • Leading the processes

Module 4 Links Reuinion - creating value on a Global stage (Bellagio - Italy or Beijing - China).
  • Globalization in a regionalized world
  • Opportunities beyond the economic cricks
  • Business networks and alliances as tools to succeed on a global scale









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