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Our proposals for Top and Senior Management

In recent years the Italian economic and industrial system has been increasingly involved in a global challenge with new emergent competitors and new, rapidly developing markets. Thanks to the innovative capacity of some excellent cases it is no longer possible to speak of the decline of our business sector, in fact we are witnessing surprising successes, behind which are intuition, innovative break-throughs that have allowed new positioning on the market.


The task of the academics in the Business and Management sector is to analyse and study these intuitions, rediscovering and defining rules and methodologies which allow the re-application of the winning ideas in other contexts, therefore going beyond the role of individual development to allow a phase of solid and continual growth from precise managerial references. Overall it is necessary to ‘rethink’ the models for acting and to act with renewed thinking.


This is the field in with the Fondazione ISTUD Top and Senior Management Area intends to make its contribution, offering a ‘space’ for discussion, exchange and interaction between Executives, Top Managers and Entrepreneurs from national and international companies and offering a series of activities and meetings that make the most of the pool of experiences, competencies and best practice, portraying in a manner that is clear and recognised, also abroad, the best Italian entrepreneurial class.





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