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Our approach

The Fondazione ISTUD intends to be a new voice in the field of training and development for management, focussing its activities on the uniqueness and the potential of the individuals and the organisations operating in the sector. Constant research and innovation are the basis for the proposals made, with the development of cutting edge know-how directed towards the problems and questions that effectively concern businesses, organisations and managers today.


Choosing ISTUD means ‘coming into contact’ with a forward-looking reality in the panorama of Italian management education, backed by almost forty years’ experience in the managerial training and business research sectors. The proven ability to contribute to the evolution of managerial thinking, the international network, the qualified presence in companies and institutions, the high standard of the prospectus and the teaching methods, together with the quality of the lecturers, the reputation and prestige of the name, are some of the principal elements that make ISTUD an excellent choice, unique in the Italian panorama.


ISTUD: experiences compared

Taking part in an ISTUD seminar or training course is an extremely engaging experience, in which the participant is the protagonist of the learning process, in a stimulating setting, with the constant presence of the ISTUD professionals throughout the course.

In the classroom the focus is on the analysis of concrete situations, the search for efficacious solutions, acceptance of responsibility, interpersonal communication, negotiation and group work. The Faculty lecturers, according to the various moments of the programme and the topics dealt with, a vast and flexible range of teaching tools are utilized, including lectures, exercises, discussion of case studies.

Our approach is based on comparison. Comparison that arises from the dialogue with participants form various sectors and professional families and from the constant debate and discussion with the Faculty lecturers, all experts in their area of competence, with effective understanding of corporate problems deriving from important experiences in management, consultancy or research.

All participants are supplied with ample theoretical documentation on the topics dealt with, a complete and up-to-date bibliography, plus exclusive ISTUD materials prepared and personalised according to the client’s specific needs.




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