ISTUD and Research
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ISTUD and research

All the activities at the Fondazione ISTUD are based on constant research and innovation on topics relating to organisational change, socio-economic development and the professionalization of the executive class. Research is possible also thanks to the partnerships with public and private institutions interested in the results, which are transmitted to the professional and scientific community through conventions and workshops, and published in a series written in cooperation with Sole 24 Ore and in the Quaderni ISTUD series.


The activities, carried out through the direct contribution of the companies themselves in the various projects, allows us to develop up-to-the-minute know-how specific to the problems and questions that effectively occupy companies today.

Our consolidated presence on the principle academic and professional networks, both in Italy and abroad, makes it possible to organise research activities to international standards, in keeping with the major changes that are impacting the present economic system and the global competitive arena.




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