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Age-related Leadership

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This project is funded under the EC Grundtvig Programme. The author is responsible for the contents on this website

Age-related Leadership

Workshop for managers who lead elder employees


Demographic change is a challenge for Europe. All over Europe the working population is decreasing, and a lot of employees do not work until the official retirement age.


The employment rate in the age group from 56 to 65 years is the lowest worldwide. The population in the European countries gets older and in nearly all European countries later retirement is being discussed. Organizations need to keep the employees in the work process for longer.


To keep employees healthy and trained in their working life is one precondition that managers have to support. Therefore, companies and managers need to understand how to handle the aging workforce. Studies have shown that leadership is the only significant factor that improves the work ability of older workers. Therefore it is important to train managers to lead older employees; concepts for “age-related leadership” are needed.

Age-related Leadership project aims at developing an intercultural workshop and training concept addressed to managers in order to improve their knowledge and competencies in leading aging employees.


The partnership aims to arise awareness about the demographic ageing issue as well as to improve their knowledge and competencies about individual aging processes. The workshop development is based on an intercultural analysis of age-related leadership and cultural characteristics within the involved countries.


Pilot Workshop on Age-related Leadership

The international pilot workshop on Age-related leadership addressed to managers will take place in Karlsruhe (GE) the 11th and 12th of April 2013. The participants will come from variety of different work places in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Finland. The aim of the workshop is to improve participants’ knowledge and competence in the field of ageing and age-related leadership, inducing reflection of managers’ own ageing process and the development of their personnel skills. The pilot workshop is the main result from the fruitful cooperation among the partners of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership Age-related leadership thanks to which it has been possible to develop a training programme, by adopting a multisciplinary (sociology, psychology, organizational sciences, leadership, occupational health) perspective, to help managers in managing an age-diverse workforce.




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